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SALE PRICE = £17.49 (original price £22.49)


Recreated especially for the TYROS 3, containing 10 brilliant new Country TYROS 3 styles, each one with a full bank of 8 registrations!

Each style offers 3 superb new musical intros, 4 fills and a break, 3 new endings and 4 variations, together with 8 superb registrations that make the onboard One Touch Settings sound weak in comparison. Even the multi pads are set up to match! This is how your TYROS 3 should really sound! Utilising the new voices and effects within the TYROS 3 including the SA voices etc..

These styles are totally different from the ones already onboard, and although we give you some suggested songs to play to them, you can apply many other titles of your own choice – they’ll all sound terrific! .

This is one of the most dynamic pieces of software available for the Tyros 3. Try it and see!

  • Choo Choo
  • Country 8-Beat
  • Country Quickstep
  • Country Choir
  • Country Gospel
  • Country Shuffle
  • Happy Country
  • Mexican Ballad
  • Paso Doble
  • Saloon Ballad

  • £17.49 + postage
    This software can be downloaded just for £15.99
    Format: USB STICK

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